A mornings work in the Orangery

Our volunteers hard at work

As the Orangery is still open to visitors up until Christmas we don’t do a winter clean in here.  We try to dust the statues and Buzaglo about once a month during the regular open season.  The wall plaques haven’t been dusted since the beginning of the season so everything had a good going over last week.

Barbara W dusting one of the wall plaquesAlexandra de-cobwebbing the window

Now all three statues have had some remedial conservation work carried out on them they are all in a stable condition once more, making dusting them much easier.  The objects in the Orangery don’t have dust covers as the space is continually used.  The statues, plaques and Buzaglo will get another thorough dust before we open again next year.

Lucy dusting the Buzaglo

We use hogs hair brushes to dust the statues and plaques.  The same type of brush is also used for the Buzaglo, but it is kept for use on metal work only.  We use mainly pony hair or hogs hair brushes, but every different type of material we clean (non-gilded furniture, gilded / painted furniture, plaster, marble, brass, iron etc) has its own dedicated brush so we don’t cross contaminate dirt and particles from one object that may damage another.  The brushes are also washed at the end of the week as they get dirty very quickly during the winter clean.

Barbara C dusting more plaquesBarbara W giving Perseus a clean

Thank you to volunteers Barbara W, Alexandra and Barbara C for all their hard work.



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