Where has the all the China gone?

Lady Betty’s China Closet is under going some work to improve the display of the ceramics and return the room to how looked circa 1900.  As a part of this work the glass doors on the front of the cabinet are to be removed (a National Trust addition for security purposes),  new security measures will be put in place and the lighting improved.  To protect the ceramics while this work continues every piece needed to be removed.

Sarah unscrewing the glass doors so we can get the ceramics out to clean and pack them away

It took 6 of us just over a day to clean and pack away all the pieces.  We all did different jobs from getting the ceramics down from the shelves, cleaning them and making notes on their condition, to wrapping them ready to go in storage crates, but we swapped round so everyone got to do something different.

Lisa receiving a plate from one of the higher shelves


Tom and cleaning the ceramics and updating their condition report forms


Clean ceramics waiting to packed

Lucy wrapping a plate in acid free tissue paper

Clean and wrapped in their temporary home.

All gone!

Thanks to volunteers Tom, Lisa and Kate for all your hard work, we certainly couldn’t have got the job done so quickly without the extra pairs of hands.



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