Living the high life in the Great Hall!

The winter clean moved on to the Great Hall this week.  This is the first room we have to use the scaffold in as it has the highest ceiling and all the paintings are hung very high up the walls.

Melinda and Sarah dusting the picture frame

Reach for that cobweb Melinda!

All the picture frames are dusted, and we take the opportunity while we are up there to change the picture light, light bulbs, even if they haven’t blown.  Putting in new ones each year means they are less likely to blow during the open season when we might not have time to put the scaffolding up and replace them.  All the working bulbs we take out we continue to use in lights that are more easily accessible.

View of the Great Hall screen from the scaffold. You definitely cannot be scared of heights in our job!

We try to de-cobweb the ceiling and the walls as much as possible, but we can’t always reach them all.  All the panelling is dusted from top to bottom and the Pewter plates are taken down to be cleaned and inspected to update their condition report forms.  The benches and table are given a coat of furniture wax. 

Dusting the stonework and panelling around the fireplace. We light the fire in the Hall which is lovely to have the smell and heat of a real fire but it also creates a lot of dust!


Don't disappear up the chimney Barbara!

Once we’ve worked our way round all the paintings we move on to tackling all the dust that has accumulated on the screen over the last year.

Cleaning dust off of the Screen.

Another week gone, another room cleaned!

Emily, Melinda, Sarah and Lucy


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