No time for dancing in the Ballroom…too much cleaning to be done!

We finished the second part of the winter clean in the Brown Gallery last week, so this week we’ve moved on to the Ballroom.  Another room that needs the scaffold to reach the cobwebs!

Melinda and Sarah getting equipment to the top of the scaffold ready to tackle the dust and cobwebs!

 Some of brushes. Each different material cleaned has its own brush.

The Ballroom has lots of intricate and interesting carved wood paneling, which collects lots of dust and cobwebs over the course of the year. We use extendable dusters and brushes to reach all the intricate areas and to dust the picture frames.

Lisa cleaning the fireback with a hogs hair brush. Once it is dusted a layer of Renaissance wax is applied. This gives the surface a protective coating against damp and dust.

Some of the interesting carved faces in the Ballroom panelling:


It’s a hectic week at Knole with lots of preparation work for the emergency building repairs starting in the spring.  The Reynolds Room is also being reinstated following a year-long environmental controlled heating trial.  It’s just as well we’ve got lots of work to do because it’s absolutely freezing in the house at the moment.  We had snow today and it was only 3 degrees inside the show rooms!  Hats, gloves, scarves, at many thermal layers are required to work at Knole this time of year!

Sarah, Melinda, Lucy, Lisa and Emily


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