Royal Worcester divides opinion!

It could be said Knole is known for our collection of Royal Stuart furniture, but we also have some lovely ceramics in the collection too.  Namely the Royal Worcester porcelain that we cleaned and packed away today.

Royal Worcester Porcelain

 Having the time to look at objects in the collection up close and personal to really see and admire (or dislike) the detail is always a treat.  The colour and detail of the birds, flowers and insects on this porcelain is beautiful.

Not every piece was so admired.  One of the team may have been heard to say it looked like one piece had come from Poundland!  Personal opinions aside we still had to carefully remove every one from the display cabinet (not an easy job when there is only one door in to the whole cabinet), dust them and pack them in to crates ready to be removed to our store-room. 

Lisa, Melinda, Sarah and Lucy hard at work...note the many clothes they are wearing. It was soooo cold!

Sarah dusts a lid wearing vinyl gloves, with a soft pony hair brush, much of this porcelain has gilded decoration which could easily be scratched or worn away by over handling or using harsh cleaning utensils. Melinda is busy filling out condition report forms.

Lisa wraps a bowl in acid free tissue paper, padding out vulnerable areas, before it is packed in to a crate.

The ceramics are going away in to store as the cabinet they live in will be removed during the building work that will begin in the Spring. 

Melinda, Lucy, Sarah, Lisa and Emily


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