Re-instating the Reynolds Room

Following the end of our environmental control trial in the Reynolds Room during 2011 we can now take down the false walls and re-hang the paintings.  Fine Art Services came to lend the Conservation Team 3 extra pairs of hands for the day.


The 3rd Duke moved from the Ballroom and put in position ready to be re-hung


With the scaffold in place, the only way is up!


The colour of the wall hanging has been preserved behind the paintings.


Melinda and Lisa clean the back of the frame using a hog hair brush and vacuüm, before the painting is re-hung.


Some of the paintings were re-displayed in other rooms during the 2011 season, but there wasn't room for all of them, so the others went up to our paintings store, which is across 2 courtyards and up 3 flights of stairs, one of the reasons why the Fine Art Services team were brought in to assist us.


Wang-y-Tong by Sir Joshua Reynolds


Wang-y-Tong resting on blankets to protect the frame, before being lift up to his place on the wall.


More frame cleaning!


David Garrick by Sir Joshua Reynolds

The back of the Garrick canvas

An exhibition label for David Garrick dated 1890-91


The furniture will be moved back in to the room shortly, so by the time we open on the 10th March the room will be back normal.  Well almost…we’ll have a fabulous ‘eyemat’ of the carpet in place by the end of March which will allow visitors greater access to the room.


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