The count down has begun!

So it’s that scary time of the year when we realise we have only 2 weeks till we re-open, and there is still so much to do! 

Last week the Ballroom through to the King’s Room were uncovered and reinstated.  We also winter cleaned the Lead Stairs.  This week we’ll tackle the floor waxing.  Round one will be to apply a soft furniture wax to the floorboards by hand; round two after the first wax has dried is applying a liquid floor wax, luckily this time by using a broom.  Once this second layer has dried we polish the floors with an electric floor polisher, named ‘the beast’! 

Sarah cleaning away dust and cobwebs on the Great Stairs

We’ve also got to clean the Great Stairs, wash the Great Hall floor and clean the China Closet ready to reinstate all the ceramics.  We packed them all away to keep them safe while work was carried out on the shelves. 

Lucy and Melinda pack away some textiles that are going up to the store room.

The second half of the house (Ballroom to King’s Room) will be completed by the end of the week.  That still leaves the first half, 9 rooms, to uncover and reinstate.  We’ll only have 4 days to this in, as until the 6th March this part of the house still looks like a building site while the dust screens are installed before the building work begins. 

Siobhan condition checks the portrait of Barbara Villiers by Sir Peter Lely before it goes away on loan at the end of the week.

Some of the jobs we would have completed before we open will have to be done in the first few weeks of the open season.  This isn’t ideal but sometimes compromises have to be made, and there simply is not enough time to get some of the jobs done before 10th March.  The Knole Conservation Team love a challenge!

The cabinet that housed the ceramics in the Museum Room has been removed, revealing the window for the first time in about 40 years.


Our electricians (J Roberts Electrical Ltd*) working very hard to get the lighting installed in the dust screen / corridor so visitors won't be walking around in the dark!


We're unblocking a door between the Brown Gallery and Spangled Bedroom to create better visitor access to the rooms during the building work.

 Lisa, Melinda, Emily, Sarah and Lucy


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