Fire safety fun…and other things!

Today Sarah, Melinda and I had a refresher training session on fire safety.  The morning session included an overview on common causes of fires, fire prevention, and how to manage building evacuations, as well as fire legislation.

At the end of the session we went outside to practice how to use fire extinguishers. 

Safely mimicking a bin fire.

 It was a really useful morning.  Fire prevention is something always at the front of minds, but it’s really good to have the refresher training to remind us the best ways to handle any situation involving fire, and particularly how we should make sure we and our visitors can be kept safe in the event of a fire. 

 It was a good day for progress in the house too.  Lucy and Lisa began cleaning the China Closet in the morning and by the end of the afternoon we had all the ceramics back on the shelves.  Floors in the Reynolds Room and Ballroom were polished after waxing.  Tomorrow we tackle the giant floor in the Cartoon Gallery – knee pads at the ready! 

Steve Clare, the National Trust advisor on glass, came to look at all the windows that will have work carried out on them during the project.  His condition assessment of the window glass today will inform how each window is handled and treated during the building work.   The rest of the week is going to be just as busy! 

Emily, Sarah, Melinda, Lisa and Lucy