We made it!

It’s been a turbulent couple of weeks but on Saturday (10th March) everything in the house was ready to welcome visitors for our first day of the 2012 season! 

Lisa and Clare pack away the final dust covers to come off in the Brown Gallery.

The Brown Gallery and the Leicester Gallery were the last two rooms to uncover and reinstate.  We had left them until the building work was completed in this area. 

The best part of the week before we open is winding the clocks and bringing them back to life.  We have 4 clocks we wind weekly, and 1 lantern clock we have to wind every day.

The first clock to be wound after its winter sleep.

We worked with our project interpretation team to get the ‘Knole in Flux’ areas ready before opening.  These are the rooms affected by the building work, which we are keeping open to visitors, they just look a bit different than normal!

Furniture in the Brown Gallery with its dust covers still on to protect them from potential dust during building work.