First week of the 2012 season has been and gone!

Now we’re in the open season the work of the Conservation Team changes.  Our cleaning time is focused on the mornings before we open.  We’ll vacuüm the floors of the visitor route everyday and dust flat surfaces nearest to visitor route.  Every week on our closed days (Mondays and Tuesdays) we choose one or two rooms to have a thorough dust of the room and objects.

We’ve already had 3 school groups visit.  We plan our cleaning routine around the time they are in the show rooms so they can enjoy the house without the noise of our vacuums in the background.

On Monday the final touches to the dust screen for the building work were completed.  Visitors can come and see what we have done to protect the show rooms from dust and debris during the urgent exterior building conservation work.  You can walk through our special tunnel and see the builders at work on the outside (when they have started).

On Thursday Lucy and Sarah went to help at Owletts with their book cleaning…more on this to follow soon.  Melinda carried out the first of her monthly light reading spot checks around the house.  Using our light monitor, Melinda takes LUX (the unit we measure light by) and ultraviolet readings from the same selected locations in the show rooms.  We do this to compare the different light levels throughout the season, in addition to our annual light monitoring using blue wool dosimeters.  The monthly checks also help us maintain the correct blind levels in the show rooms, allowing enough light in for visitors to enjoy the rooms but not too much that irreversible damage will occur to the collection.

Friday was the first of our ‘Meet the Conservation Team’ events.  Melinda and Lucy demonstrated how we treat furniture for common furniture beetle ( ) infestations, and showed visitors our collection of pest insects that we have found in the show rooms.  We’ll be having a meet the team event once month (except August) during the season.  Check out our events page for more info.

Sarah, Lucy, Melinda, Lisa and Emily


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