It’s all good fun on Good Friday!

Good Friday this year saw the Conservation Team host the first of our new ‘Hands on Conservation’ events.  We’ll be having a ‘Hands on…’ event every Friday in school holidays.  This Friday was all about pest insects!

Melinda and volunteer Jenny ready to reveal all about Knole's pest problem!

We had lots of examples to show our visitors, which we’ve collected up from around the show rooms in the last two years.  The magnifying pots contain Death Watch Beetles, Common Furniture Beetles (woodworm) Webbing Clothes Moth, Case-bearing Clothes Moth, White-shouldered House Moth, larvae of the Varied and Brown Carpet Beetles., and finally larvae of the Webbing Clothes Moth.  All of these are present in the show rooms munching on the collection.

Magnifying pots for children and adults to get up close to the mini beasts of Knole. In the top left of the photo is Webbing Clothes Moth pheromone trap from the Ballroom.

This poster is used by the Conservation Team to identify the pest insects we find in the traps.

We had one more mini beast to show our visitors.  It’s a bit bigger than some of the insects however…

...its a mummified Rat that was found in one of the attics a few years ago.

We also had some of pest insect traps out for everyone to look at, as well as examples of damage caused to materials by the insects including pieces of felt eaten by moth and carpet beetle larvae.

As well has hand-held magnifiers to look at the insects we used a digital microscope to show some of the insects magnified by 200x.

Here is a magnified woolly bear (Varied Carpet Beetle larvae). It is actually only about 2-3mm long.

Jenny explains about the 'Woolly Bear' magnified by 200x on the laptop screen

Our next ‘Hands on Conservation’ event is on Friday 13th April.

Emily, Sarah, Melinda and Lucy


3 thoughts on “It’s all good fun on Good Friday!

  1. Hope yesterdays hands on conservation event went well, I look forward to the blog.
    Just wanted to ask where you got your bug viewing pots from?

    • Hi Nikki,

      We bought them from our on site shop. Most NT shops sell them in the children’s section I think. I don’t think they are sold on our online shop though, I’ve just had a quick look. I’m sure an online search will find you some. Amazon seem to sell everything!

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