A Royal seal of approval

Today we were privileged to have a visit from the Prince of Wales.  He came to see the beginning of emergency building repair work.  Emma, our Curator, led the Prince of Wales around the show rooms after meeting Siobhan (Conservator) and Lucy in the Hall.    Siobhan demonstrated how we carry out condition reports on paintings and Lucy explained how handling objects can cause deterioration by showing the Prince of Wales our handling frames.

Our handling frames shows examples of physical damage to different types of materials

The Prince of Wales was then asked to sign our visitor book.

Prince Charles signed our visitor book, above it the future Edward VII signed one to when he visited in 1898

Today was not the first time a Prince of Wales has visited Knole.  The future Edward VII visited in 1898.

Photograph in 1898 visitors book

Signatures from everyone who visited in 1898

Melinda and I were working in the Reynolds Room treating an object for common furniture beetle infestation and vacuüm cleaning the upholstery on one of the chairs.  We spent about 5 minutes talking to the Prince about how we did this and showed him some of the dust we had cleaned from another chair and our examples of woodworm found from around the house.

Sarah was the ‘runner’, making sure all the show rooms were ready with blinds up and doors unlocked.  Having someone ‘behind the scenes’ is crucial to making sure all the hard work pays off and the everything goes as planned.

Melinda and I in the Reynolds Room working / waiting for Prince Charles

He was really interested in our work and our conservation project.  He spent about an hour and half he in total before taking off in his helicopter to his next appointment.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

The visit took more than a week to plan, and the Conservation Team had a prompt start this morning to get 2 days cleaning completed in 1 morning to make sure the show rooms were looking their best.

We hope the Prince of Wales will be able to make another visit when the project is really under-way.

Siobhan talks to HRH about condition assessing the portrait of Thomas Sackville

Emma and HRH in the Brown Gallery

Helen talks to HRH about our conservation project, in the Ballroom

Emma and HRH admiring the silver furniture in the Kink’s Bedroom


Emily, Sarah, Lucy and Melinda


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