This week…

..wasn’t as exciting as last week, but we still had lots of work to do.  We were grateful not to have to do any press interviews this week!

As Monday was Bank Holiday and we were open, all the show rooms had to have their deep clean completed on the one closed day this week (Tuesday).  We managed to fit in some much-needed floor waxing too, in the Leicester Gallery, Venetian Ambassadors Bedroom, Billiard Room and Museum Room.  The wet weather has led to much more time spent on the care of floor than dusting objects.

Melinda vacuuming the Reynolds Room eyemat

When vacuuming the floor on Friday we discovered some new scratches to some of the floor boards.  We couldn’t figure out what ad caused them, particularly as one seems to have been created by a sharp object!

New scratches on the Ballroom floor

Sarah inspected the furniture in the Spangled Dressing Room this week, which at the moment has been turned in to a temporary store during the building work.  We’ll be carrying out weekly checks in here as the environment in this room could change as the room is sealed off (for dust protection) when normally there is much more air movement as there are no doors between neighbouring rooms and the windows are very drafty.  The potential micro climate in the space could encourage mould growth and pest insect activity.  In fact during the inspection Sarah did find a live ‘woolly bear’ no top of the dust sheet of one of the stools.  However there were no signs of any recent pest insect damage, or mould growth.

Adult Varied Carpet Beetle on the left, and its larva the ‘woolly bear’ on the right. The larvae causes damage by eating natural textiles.

Woolly bear now in our pest pot so we can show our visitors.

On Wednesday Sally Bowling visited from Rupert Harris Conservation* to look at the lantern on the Great Stairs.

The lantern is currently displayed with real candles in the holders, but lit with a modern lightbulb

We would like to dispose of the modern central lightbulb and put electric candles in the candle holders instead.  Sally explained how the lantern could be adjusted and the different options we had for lightbulbs and candle look finishes.

Sally checking the height of one of the potential new candle fittings

More, vacuuming, dusting and floor waxing next week!

Emily, Sarah, Melinda and Lucy

*You find out more about Rupert Harris Conservation via their website:


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