Happiness is a tidy store room!

Along with the many other things that keep us busy in the show rooms, changing light bulbs is another job.  Many of the light fittings are several decades old, combined with the very damp environment, they often fail.  We always hope that it’s just the light bulb that needs changing but more often or not it becomes a job for our electricians to come and repair the light fitting itself.  This week 2 lights in the Brown Gallery and 3 in the Kings Room needed some investigation.

Emily changing the sconce light bulb…only to find the light still wouldn’t work

Wall sconce in the Kings Room that had stopped working.  After trying a couple of new bulbs it still didn’t work, so it was another one added to the list for our electricians to look at.

By the end of Friday all the lights were in working order…we’ll see what Monday brings.  On Tuesday we finished the last bit of floor waxing for a while when the Cartoon Gallery was re-waxed.  We had got a bit behind our schedule but we’ve caught up with ourselves again.  Each show room floor will be waxed again after the Jubilee bank holidays and before the start of the summer holidays.

Little and large, our floor polishers.

In our last blog we documented our efforts of getting a new cover on the James II Bed mattress.  It was all ready to be moved back to the Venetian Ambassadors Bedroom (VAB), and this week we actually managed to get it there!  4 flights of stairs, 2 court yards and 2 long galleries later we got it to the VAB and back on the bed.

Taking the transport cover off the mattress

Lisa, Sarah and Melinda get the mattress in to place on the James II Bed

Back where it belongs!

With the mattress out of the store room we could finally begin to tidy and reorganise the room.  Something that has been on the ‘to do’ list for nearly two years.  With the help of our volunteer Tom we sorted through a lot of objects in the store that are awaiting to be accessionied to our inventory and moved tables around to create better work space.

Found objects in the collections store

Death-watch and Common Furniture Beetle damage to the backboard

Hello Mr Death-watch Beetle!

Unfortunately as we were working we found lots of dead and live pest insects, Varied Carpet Beetle and their larvae, and Death-Watch Beetle.  This is a concern as the store room is environmentally controlled.  The store rooms are always one of those things that slip down the priority list, and we don’t get to spend as much time cleaning the store and condition checking objects as we should.

The store is in need of a really thorough deep clean, which we’ll be doing next week.  We will treat what we can for pest insects, and keep up increased cleaning of the space to try and bring the pest insect infestation under control.  This will be easier to do now that the room has had a good tidy up.

Tidied and reorganised work space in the collections store.

Emily, Melinda, Lucy and Sarah.


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