An afternoon spent on the roof!

Last week I had the opportunity to go up our huge scaffold on the East and North fronts, that is providing access for contractors to repair the roof, render and windows as a part of the external building repairs phase of our Inspired by Knole conservation project.

After the health and safety induction from the site manager, wearing my hard hat, high vis and steel toe cap boots we made our way over to the site to begin our ascent.

1000 litre water bowser’s helping to weigh down the scaffold, we counted 40 of them.

It was incredible to get so close to the outside of the building at the height we were.  Although I had seen photos and line drawings of the poor condition of the East front render, it wasn’t until I got so close did I realise how much deterioration there is.  No wonder the rain gets in to the show rooms so easily!

Test patches, where render has been removed to assess what the condition of the timber frame is like underneath.

Two of the four levels fully boarded out to provide storage space for roof tiles and other materials.

Walking along at the level of the first floor show rooms on the East front.

One of many rain water hoppers.

A look inside the structure of the timber frame at the attic (2nd floor) level.

Roof level. Thankfully the scaffold is enclosed with a membrane to keep the weather out, but also means you can’t really look down, which is a good thing when you’re that high up!

East attic internal protection works being installed.

Before contractors start work on the roof the internal attic spaces need protection.  Much of the ceiling and wall plaster work in the attics is very unstable and needs to be supported in place so vibrations from the roof work do not cause it all to collapse.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get up on the scaffold again and take some more photos as the work progresses.









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