New lamps for an old lantern

Two weeks ago metal conservator, Sally Bowling, returned to Knole to re-wire to the Great Stairs lantern that she came to look at a while ago.  Our records show that the lantern did have the five arms of the candle holder electrified to light five candle lights.  At some point this was changed and the lantern had one modern lamp fitted, with real candles placed in the holders for effect.

The lantern before, with real candles and one single lamp.

The lantern did not look particularly attractive with the single lamp and did not give out much light.  As we have evidence of how it once looked Helen (House and Collections Manager) decided it would look much nicer if we changed it back.

Sally lifted out the candle holder from the lantern, so she could put in the new pretend candles that the ‘flame’ lamps would screw into. Sally secures the additional wiring so it is as invisible as possible.

The wiring is painted in to match the colour of the metal work.

Sally discusses with our electrician about how the new lamps are to be connected up to the existing power supply.

How the lantern looks now…


The appearance of the lantern has been greatly improved by removing the one single lamp and installing the five candle lamps.  It also gives off much more light now, as has become a focal point of the staircase.  Thanks Sally!

Lucy, Sarah, Melinda and Emily


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