It’s actually happening!

After many months of planning and preparation, and weeks of watching the giant scaffold being built, the contractors are here and work is progressing fast on the external building repairs.

The lead rain water goods have all been removed and carefully packaged, they will be reinstalled at a later date. The render is coming off too, and has so far revealed one area of the damage to the timber frame.  An area of the timber frame directly behind a water hopper, that had obviously been leaking for many years, is rotten and will need a lot of repair.

Damaged area of timber frame

Windows are being removed bay by bay and temporary ones fitted in their place.  The originals are going off site for repair.

Cutting a window free

A bit of gentle persuasion is used to make the window come free.

A bit more of the gentle persuasion technique!

…and it’s out!

This morning we had some textile cleaning to do as we had noticed some paint and plaster flakes on the campaign chairs in the Billiard Room and on the billiard table baize.

Paint and plaster particles from the Billiard Room ceiling on the surface of one of the campaign chairs.

This is as a result of vibrations from work on the roof and in the attics.  We removed the particles using our low suction vacuum cleaners.

Sarah and Lucy clean the billiard table baize.

Dust removed from the billiard table baize. Some of the paint / plaster particles can be seen in the bottom left corner.

How the Billiard Room looks now, temporarily to protect the textiles during the building work.

As an extra precaution the chairs and billiard table have now had their dust covers put on.  This level of protection is preferred as vacumming the textiles too often could cause irrevsiable physical damage by vacuming up fibres as well dust and other particles that have setlled on the textiles.

Melinda, Sarah, Emily and Lucy


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