A Sonnet for Knole

One of our volunteers, Kristin Gill,  has written a wonderful sonnet describing the problems the building and collection at Knole face.  She has beautifully summed up the threats the Inspired by Knole conservation project will begin to solve over the coming years.

A Sonnet for Knole

Inspired by Emily

The ragstone treasure house is under siege,
Unseen, unheard, her enemies worm in.
The dot-sized beetle’s offspring will not leave
Until they’ve chewed through chairs carved for a king.
The wily sun once streamed through Tudor pane,
King Henry’s feather tribute to his son:
Royal blues, proud reds, bright greens began to wane,
On hangings, cushions, beds, light’s work was done.

The leopards on the battlements stand firm,
They scan the rolling park for signs of harm;
But leaking roofs, cracked render they now learn,
Are greater cause for action and alarm.

Serene the Grand Old Lady bides her time,
Till she shall have the strength once more to shine.    

Kristin Gill

Thank you Kristin for allowing us to share this with everyone.



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