A Time Capsule for Knole

The building repair work at Knole has already revealed some fascinating information about people who have worked and lived in the building in the past – including graffiti on the panelling, hidden behind the Victorian render of 1891.









As part of the programme of work continues the roof spaces are being cleaned out with a vacuüm cleaner to remove years of accumulated dust, plaster rubble, fragments of timber, as well as wasps and birds nests!









As we clean each roof space we are collecting samples of what has been removed.  During this process we made another exciting discovery in one of the central roof spaces, a matchbox!





The bottom of the matchbox was cut out and stuck back in, with two names written on the cut out piece and a date (1949) added to one of the side panels.  The matchbox was certainly left deliberately, and it’s discovery has the Knole team thinking about how we should commemorate the National Trust’s work of the 21st century.

We need your help!  How should we ‘leave our mark’ on the building?  If we were to create our own ‘matchbox time capsule’ what could we put in it?  For example, if we were to leave a digital record on a USB data stick will the same technology be around in 100 years time for the information to be accessed?  Please send us your suggestions to Inspiredbyknole@nationaltrust.org.uk or comment on this blog.


3 thoughts on “A Time Capsule for Knole

  1. When we were restoring the roof on the wing of the Hammond-Harwood House we found a concealment shoe inside the eave. We took the shoe to add to our permanent collection, but our Director left his shoe as a replacement.

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