Counting down and this and that…

By the time September comes around and the school holidays are over we begin to think about the winter clean and the colder months ahead.  Although we’ll be wearing every item in our wardrobes in a bid not to get hyperthermia as we work, the winter clean is probably all the team’s favourite time of year.  Less monotonous (but important) vacuuming up and down of show room floors but instead every day is spent up close and personal with the collection as we clean and condition check every item before putting them to bed in their dust covers or acid free tissue paper.  We’ve still got one more open week to go, and as well as all the regular open season cleaning here are a few other things that have gone on in recent weeks:

Ian Tyers, dendrochronolist, returned for further investigation of some of the panel paintings from the Brown Gallery. Check out an earlier blog to find out more

Another leak in Lady Betty’s Bedroom, just as we were preparing to remove the carpet, we had to stop to get the buckets out! The building work hasn’t got to this end of the East front yet. We can’t wait till it does!

Barbara Villiers (by Sir Peter Lely) returned from the Hampton Court Place ‘The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned’ exhibition at the beginning of October.

The painting has been on display in the Great Hall since it returned from exhibition. This has been for two reasons. 1: to reacclimatise the painting back to the environmental conditions back at Knole. 2: The Spangled Dressing Room where she would normally hang is being used as a temporary store room during the first phase of the external building repairs. It is full of furniture and paintings from other show rooms in the first half and there is not enough space to squeeze Barbara in too!

Furniture in the Museum Room has been covered in Tyvek to protect it from dust and debris before the removal of the render on the exterior wall.

Dust and debris that has found its way in to the Billiard Room, so a good job the Campaign Chair has its dust cover on!

Packing up the contents of Lady Betty’s rooms was hard work, but we had fun too! Lisa (volunteer Conservation Assistant) thinks about an image change!

Lucy, Emily and Helen enjoyed the Attingham Trust’s 60th Anniversary Conference. It was very interesting to hear from a range of speakers as enthused about our country houses as us 3 geeks!

Sarah cleans the pelmet from Lady Betty’s Sitting Room.

Our wonderfully tidy emergency salvage store. We’ve recently relocated and restocked the store room as part of the revision of emergency planning. We had a lot of items delivered and it got in to a bit of a mess while we didn’t have the time to sort through all the equipment. Lucy and Zena (volunteer Conservation Assistant) spent a chilly afternoon sorting it all out.

This year’s winter clean will be filmed on our time lapse camera, so you can follow our work every step of the way!

Emily, Melinda, Sarah and Lucy


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