Sealing history!

Most of the repair work to the east front is nearly complete. Re-rendering is taking place on the southern end of the façade (the exterior walls to Lady Betty’s rooms). As the old cement render and lathes were removed it revealed not only the extent of the repair required to the timber frame but also lots of voids in the structure and a few interesting finds. Including pencil inscriptions from earlier workman in the 1880s and a match box with workers signatures in.

Image 3

Some of the voids uncovered could only be accessed again if the exterior of the wall was to be removed again. It was in one of these voids, between Lady Betty’s Sitting Room and Bedroom, at the height of the window pediments, that we have left our mark behind, in the form of the a time capsule.

The void!

The void!

Inside the stainless steel (that will not rust even in salt water) capsule we included information, drawings and photos of the building work and repairs; photos of staff and volunteers at Knole and other project staff members.


Knole Team March 2013

Knole Team March 2013

As the work began in 2012 and it was such a significant year we also included newspaper cuttings about the Olympics and a Queens Diamond jubilee flag.

Some of the contents of the time capsule

With the assistance of one of the contractors we placed the time capsule into the void.

Emily and Nick llift the capsule in to the void

Emily and Nick llift the capsule in to the void

The next day the hole was closed up when new lathes were secured in place before new lime render was then applied. A little piece of Knole history sealed up until the next time the exterior wall requires repair…in 100, 150, 200 years…?

And it's in!

And it’s in!


Inventory of contents of Knole Time Capsule 5th March 2013

Photographs of staff and volunteers
List of staff and contractors involved in Phase 1
External photographs of Phase 1.1 and 1.2
Internal photographs of Phase 1.1
Invitations and menus of fundraising events – Dinner 6th May 2001 and Garden Party 15th June 2012
Knole Spirit of Place statement
Knole Conservation Team Handbook
Knoledge – guide for children
Inspired by Knole project newsletters June 2011, October 2011, July 2012.
Knole guidebook 2012 edition
Knole park map for visitors
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebratory tea towel
2012 National Trust members handbook
2012 and 2013 property leaflets
National Trust ‘Detect and protect’ leaflet
Newspapers featuring London 2012 Olympics
Press cuttings about Knole x3
Blue Wool Dosimeter
Phillips screwdriver
USB stick containing oral history interviews and time-lapse videos of the Conservation Team
MOLA building recording summary
10x architect’s drawings of Phase 1.1
2x plans of Phase 1 project
1x hogs hair and 1x pony hair conservation cleaning brushes
Information on show room environmental monitoring equipment
2012 one penny, 20 pence, five pence coin
Union Jack Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee flag


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