Planning, blinds, and the east front revealed!

Hopefully by this time next week Lady Betty’s Bedroom and Sitting Room will be fully re-instated after building work and on show to our visitors once more. That is if it isn’t raining on the 3rd June! The contents of the rooms have been kept up in our store room. The only problem with this is that the store room is two courtyards away from the show rooms and there is no inside route we can take. Therefore if its raining the task will prove to be quite tricky. With some of the smaller objects and those packed in crates we could cover these with polythene sheet, but this may not work so well for the larger paintings and items of furniture.

Phase 1.2 7

We have art handlers, Fine Art Services, coming for the day to assist us with bringing the objects down as its very tiring work going back forth and up and down about 50 stairs! We’ll be monitoring the long range weather forecast from now on to see if we can go ahead on Monday or if we have to postpone.

This week we have successfully re-hung the red blind in Lady Betty’s Bedroom. This isn’t something we’ve done a lot of, and typically at Knole, each one is different, so you can’t always copy how you have hung another blind previously!  The blind is tacked to a wooden baton which is then screwed in to some of the panelling in the window bay.  The baton obviously hadn’t been unscrewed for a while as it covered in lots of dust a debris.


The baton covered in dust and debris.


When the blind was taken down we left the baton in place and removed all the tacks in the blind. Although we kept the tacks they were very rusty, so we fixed the blind in place with new upholstery nails.

As the blinds came down in rather a hurry prior to the building work some of the cord was cut too short, so we had to re-thread the blind with new cord, which thankfully proved to be easier than we had imagined it would be. We’ve got one more blind to put up in Lady Betty’s Sitting Room, fingers crossed it works out as well as the bedroom blind!


Sarah re-treads some new cord and ties it securely on the bottom ring.

The scaffolding around the east front of the building has finally been removed and the new lime render is visible for the first time, and it looks fab!



Sarah, Melinda, Lucy, Zena and Emily


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