Why we don’t allow food and drink in the show rooms…

…because this happens!


An unsightly greasy food stain on the floorboards of the Great Stairs. We advertise at the entrance to the show rooms, and our volunteers are very good at asking people to put food and drink away, but somehow someone always manages to drop some sort of food stuff or spill a drink.

New Image

A woollen cloth soaked in a 50/50 solution of paraffin and vinegar is being used to try lift the grease from the floor.

Whatever this food stuff was it was very greasy as going over it with a woollen cloth soaked in a 50/50 solution of paraffin and vinegar could not lift the stain. Following some advice from one of conservators, Graham Marley, we used some of our conservation grade detergent (Boots sensitive skin washing up liquid, which is non-ionic). Dabbing this on the affected area lifted the grease out. The paraffin and vinegar cloth was used again to remove any residue of the detergent. With the stain removed we could now re-wax the floor.


The mark is still clearly visible after the first attempt and removing it.

Water drips from drinks bottles and even wet umbrellas also stain our waxed floorboards. Removing these marks can also be a time consuming job. Again we used the paraffin and vinegar cloths to soften the remaining wax on the floor so we can try and buff up the water mark.  However doing this by hand isnt always enough, so we place the paraffin and vinegar cloth under one of the floor polishers which usually removes the mark and brings the floor to a nice shine again.

Sarah, Melinda, Emily, Lucy and Zena


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