Knole Unwrapped – re-wrapping!

The year is whizzing by and we’ve made it to the third intake of our brand new volunteering / conservation project, Knole Unwrapped. Last Tuesday the volunteers started their day with house tour with Helen, our House and Collections Manager. Morning coffee followed then up to the store-room with the Conservation Team. Week three unearthed some blinds “from the dinning room” so the tag said on the box.


As with every object it is inspected very carefully by the team before adding descriptions and details of any damage to the condition report form. There is always the possibility we’ll find some type of creepy crawlies, and Zena thought she had done, so immediately grabbed the magnifying glass for a closer look.


Sadly for Zena but good for the textile it turned out not to be a pest insect!

Sarah and Andra update the condition report form on the iPad.


Once inspected and recorded the blind is carefully wrapped in acid free tissue paper. As there is no free shelf space to store the blind laying flat it has to be stored in a box. To fit it in the box it is very carefully folded over and each fold in the textile is supported with some wadding to avoid the folds being flatten and distorting the textile.


Next Tuesday, week four, will begin with a conservation tour round he house with Emily, who be talking about the history of housekeeping and the work the Conservation Team do in the 21st century.

Zena, Lucy, Melinda, Emily and Sarah


4 thoughts on “Knole Unwrapped – re-wrapping!

      • The archaeology day was very interesting but quite intense. I think I’m probably better suited to conservation work with objects or materials (and of course insects!!). I did however learn a great deal and will probably never be able to look at a small undulation on an area of ground in the same way ever again! I will be interested to see how the experience can be rolled out for the Community Archaeology Day at the end of July if that is still going ahead.

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