Diary of a House Elf: Spiders in the cellar

Charlecote Park: Uncovered

Before we start we should probably warn you that this post contains images and information about spiders so best not read if you have a fear of these eight-legged creatures…

As a House Elf you have to deal with all sorts of creepy crawlies lurking in the nooks and crannies of an old house.  Whether its moths hiding in cotton blankets or mice shuffling around under the stairs we come across it all as we carry out our work.

Thankfully us Elves don’t scare easily but the creatures living in our cellars definitely give us nightmares from time to time! These shiny black spiders with bulbous bodies are  huge and hang over your head as you walk through the cellar—it is general protocol to always wear a coat with a hood up if we have to walk past them.

With the recent stories in the newspapers about poisonous spiders such…

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