Drogo’s tower – top notch

A familiar view, it wasn’t that long ago Knole’s roof looked quite similar. Our external building works are nearing completion after almost two years!

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Been to Castle Drogo today – fantastic trip up the new Tower to review the repair works – absolutely brilliant – a must do thing! This along with the visit to the garden made a great afternoon’s entertainment. During the winter Tower trips only occur at the weekend – check here for full opening time details. Here are a few pictures from my visit.

Panorama - roof


Drogo’s roof under the biggest tent and scaffolding you have ever seen

Roof 2

It takes a few moments to get your bearings – everything looks so different.

Roof 5

Big time scaffolding.

Roof 10

The trip up the Tower.

Garden 1

And into the garden – the view across to Hay Tor.

Garden 2


Garden 3

More maples

Garden 7

Down the main path

Garden 4

The garden seat

A full set of photos can be seen here

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