The final push!

Wow – opening weekend for the show rooms has been and gone!  Thank goodness for nice weather too, as it meant we didn’t get 100’s of muddy feet all over our lovingly waxed and polished floors.  We had 2,369 visitors across the 8th and 9th of March.  The sun shone too on our last week of the winter clean.  Our week was filled with last efforts of floor waxing, uncovering furniture and the finishing touches like putting back ropes and cleaning brass door furniture. We also spent a morning deep cleaning the Orangery.

Our first task was to remove dust from the sculpture and Buzaglo.  With our trusty hogs hair brushes and back pack vacuums we were off! Just as one of the sculptures, The Wrestlers, was to be dusted some spotty black marks were noticed on it. The cause of this turned out to be from the neighbouring lemon tree. The tree had been positioned too close to the sculpture and the sticky black residue from the leaves, known as scale, had dripped on to the sculpture.

The Wrestlers sculpture with its neighbouring lemon trees.

Some of the residue on the sculpture.

A leaf from one of the offending lemon trees.

After testing a very small area first, we discovered that with a damp duster and some very gentle rubbing we could remove the residue without causing any surface damage to paint layer of the sculpture.

Alex dusts the statue of Perseus.

The Buzaglo gets a spring clean!

Once the sculpture and other objects are dusted we started work de-cobwebbing the windows.

We don’t let the big windows defeat us, ladders and dusters on extendable handles help us reach those high up cobwebs!

As we were cleaning we noticed one of the windows had some damage to the coloured glass. As the sun comes round the building the coloured glass casts beautiful coloured shadows in the Orangery,

Zena gives the windowsills a wipe down.

The head of Medusa held by Perseus.

One of the wall mounted plaques in the Orangery. Roundel of a figure with a goat – possibly Capricorn and a putto, putting on his skates. As Capricorn is associated with December and January this may represent the season of winter.  Material is painted gypsum plaster.

In one of the corners of the Orangery we noticed some areas of salt crystallisation.  We carefully brushed the salts crystals in the vacuum.


After a mornings work we enjoyed our lunch in the glorious sunshine in Green Court.

Alex, Emily, Lucy, Melinda, Sarah, Zena


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