A Day in the Life of the Conservation Team


In a sense the title of this blog is a bit of a misnomer, because no two days at Knole are ever the same. Every day is different and it’s partly the variety that makes Knole such an exciting place to work. However, it’ll hopefully give you a flavour of what we get up to, day to day, in order to look after this magnificent house and its collection.

The work of the conservation team changes with the seasons. Over winter, when the house is closed, we are busy working in the show rooms, condition checking and deep cleaning the rooms and the all the objects in readiness for re-opening.


Zena cleaning the textile of a chair during winter before carefully condition.


This winter has been a bit different because of the project. Although the first half of the house (from the Brown Gallery to the Leicester Gallery) had its normal winter clean, the second half of the house (from the Ballroom to the Cartoon Gallery) was emptied in preparation for the project work that will be going on in there this year. You can see some of the collection from the second half on display in our Great Store.

Now the house is open, our routine changes. In the morning, we spend the first few hours when the house is closed getting the show rooms ready to open. Every room is vacuumed to pick up anything left behind by our visitor’s footwear the day before. We also dust any flat surfaces in front of the rope barriers and check to make sure that no cobwebs have appeared overnight. Any glass is cleaned to get rid of dust or finger prints. The blinds are set, the curtains are opened and then we’re ready to welcome our visitors for the day.



One of several long galleries at Knole that need careful attention every single day.


There are several reasons why we do this daily clean in the showrooms. Obviously we want the house looking its best, so people can fully appreciate the incredible collection that we have here. But it’s also a vital part of the preventative conservation work carried out by the conservation team. Monitoring the environment and general good housekeeping is the first step in combating the deterioration of our unique historic collection.

The afternoons at Knole vary hugely. Some days we are in the house working on various objects in front of our visitors. These conservation engagements can involve anything from textile cleaning to treating for woodworm and are a great way to show the public how we care for our collection at Knole. Other days we may be monitoring the environmental conditions in the show rooms or polishing door brass. But one thing’s for sure, no two days are ever the same!


Injecting a pesticide to treat for woodworm. Something we do fairly frequently!


Thanks for reading!



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